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Cannabis Control Commission Public Meeting

In accordance with Sections 18-25 of Chapter 30A of the Massachusetts General Laws and the Governor’s Order suspending certain provisions of the Open Meeting Law, M.G.L Ch. 30A §20, notice is hereby given of a meeting of the Cannabis Control Commission. The meeting will take place as noted below.

April 16, 2021
10 a.m.

Remote Participation via Microsoft Teams Live* 

Public Meeting Agenda

1) Call to Order
2) Chairman’s Comments and Updates
3) Minutes for Approval
4) Executive Director’s Report

a. Social Equity Program Update
b. Update on Hemp Products
c. Disproportionate Impact Study: Update

5) Staff Recommendations on Changes of Ownership

a. Beacon Compassion, Inc.
b. Commonwealth Alternative Care, Inc.
c. Commonwealth Cultivation, Inc.
d. Debilitating Medical Condition Treatment Centers, Inc.
e. Heal, Inc.
f. Liberty Compassion, Inc.
g. New England Treatment Access, LLC

6) Staff Recommendations on Renewals

a. ARL Healthcare, Inc. (#MCR139983)
b. ARL Healthcare, Inc. (#MPR243597)
c. ARL Healthcare, Inc. (#MRR205712)
d. Beacon Compassion, Inc. (#MCR139982)
e. Beacon Compassion, Inc. (#MPR243596)
f. Buds Goods & Provisions Corp. (#MRR205736)
g. Buds Goods & Provisions Corp. (#MRR205723)
h. Canna 11 Holyoke, LLC (#MCR139965)
i. Cape Cod Grow Labs, LLC (#MCR139965)
j. Cape Cod Grow Labs, LLC (#MPR243584)
k. CTDW LLC (#MRR205713)
l. Cultivate Leicester, Inc (#MRR205717)
m. Eagle Eyes Transport, Inc (#MTR263099)
n. EOS-Bittersweet LLC (#MCR139987)
o. Fernway LLC (#MPR243600)
p. Gaul Greenery LLC (#MRR205699)
q. Ganesh Wellness Inc. (#MPR243592)
r. Ganesh Wellness Inc. (#MRR205710)
s. Garden Wonders, Inc (#MRR205707)
t. Green Meadows Farm, LLC (#MRR205725)
u. Green Stratus Corp (#MRR205722)
v. Grow Team Gardens LLC (#MBR169271)
w. Harvest of Worcester (#MRR205709)
x. Heal Provincetown, Inc (#MRR205719)
y. Hennep, Inc. (#MRR205730)
z. High Hawk Farm LLC (#MCR139975)
aa. Highminded LLC (#MPR243587)
bb. Highminded LLC (#MRR205703)
cc. Hudson Botanical Processing, LLC (#MPR243588)
dd. Humboldteast LLC (#MCR139977)
ee. In Good Health Inc. (#MRR205711)
ff. Mantis Management Group (#MPR243593)
gg. Munro Associates LLC (#MRR205732)
hh. Munro Associates LLC (#MRR205733)
ii. Munro Associates LLC (#MRR205734)
jj. Native Sun MFG LLC (#MPR243595)
kk. Native Sun Wellness Inc (#MRR205706)
ll. Nature’s Remedy of Massachusetts, Inc. (#MRR205718)
mm. Northempton Enterprises, Inc. (#MRR205702)
nn. NS AJO Holdings Inc. (#MCR139986)
oo. NS AJO Holdings Inc. (#MPR243599)
pp. NS AJO Holdings Inc. (#MRR205708)
qq. Ocean Breeze Cultivators LLC (#MCR139984)
rr. Ocean Breeze Cultivators LLC (#MPR243598)
ss. Silver Therapeutics, Inc. (#MRR205705)
tt. Suns Mass, Inc. (#MCR139985)
uu. The Old Bank, LLC (#MRR205715)
vv. Alternative Compassion Services (#RMD585)
ww. Atlantic Medicinal Partners, Inc. (#RMD1506)
xx. Beacon Compassion Center, Inc. Medical Marijuana Treatment Center
yy. Briarleaf, LLC, Medical Marijuana Treatment Center
zz. Green Gold Group, Inc. (#RMD786)
aaa. Holistic Industries (#RMD1526)
bbb. Mass Alternative Care, Inc. (#RMD726)
ccc. Phytotherapy, Inc., Medical Marijuana Treatment Center
ddd. Pleasantrees, Inc., Medical Marijuana Treatment Center
eee. Theory Wellness Inc. (#RMD305)

7) Staff Recommendations on Final Licenses

a. Bud’s Goods & Provisions Corp. (#MR282410), Retail
b. Cannatech Medicinals, Inc. (#MC282690), Cultivation, Tier 2 / Indoor
c. Caregiver-Patient Connection, LLC (#MC282206), Cultivation, Tier 3 / Indoor
d. Coastal Cultivars, LLC (#MC282052), Cultivation, Tier 11 / Outdoor
e. Green Meadows Farm, LLC (#MC282409), Cultivation, Tier 3 / Indoor
f. Green Meadows Farm, LLC (#MP281763), Product Manufacturer
g. Green Stratus Corp. (#MR282256), Retail
h. Green World, LLC (#MR281939), Retail
i. Harmony of MA, Inc. (#MR282668), Retail
j. Heal Sturbridge, Inc. (#MR283323), Retail
k. Liberty Market, LLC (#MR281804), Retail
l. MMM Transport, Inc. (#MT281556), Third-Party Transporter
m. The Headyco, LLC (#MC281292), Cultivation, Tier 2 / Indoor
n. The Healing Center, LLC (#MR283193), Retail
o. The Old Bank, LLC (#MR282467), Retail
p. Volcann, LLC (#MR282925), Retail
q. Green Meadow Farm, LLC (#MTC1626), Medical Marijuana Treatment Center

8) Staff Recommendations on Provisional Licenses

a. Boathouse Store, LLC (#MRN283919), Retail
b. C3 Berlin, LLC (#MRN283625), Retail
c. Coastal Cultivars, LLC (#MRN282884), Retail
d. Debilitating Medical Condition Treatment Centers (#MCN283056), Cultivation, Tier 10 / Outdoor
e. Discern’d Cannabis Purveyors, Inc. (#MRN283997), Retail
f. East Boston Bloom, LLC (#MRN283011), Retail
g. FCC Holdings, LLC (#MBN282029), Microbusiness
h. Flower Power Growers, Inc. (#MCN283122), Cultivation, Tier 3 / Indoor
i. Flower Power Growers, Inc. (#MPN281983), Product Manufacturer
j. Home Grown 617, LLC (#MRN281626), Retail
k. Ideal Craft Cannabis, Inc. (#MCN283286), Cultivation, Tier 1 / Indoor
l. Ideal Craft Cannabis, Inc. (#MPN282007), Product Manufacturer
m. LC Square, LLC (#MPN282013), Product Manufacturer
n. Leaf Relief, Inc. (#MRN283784), Retail
o. Morning Dew, LLC (#MBN282152), Microbusiness
p. Nuestra, LLC (#MRN283974), Retail
q. R and R Ventures, LLC (#MBN281504), Microbusiness
r. RC Retail Princeton, LLC (#MRN283815), Retail
s. Tempest, Inc. (#MRN282429), Retail

9) Commission Discussion and Votes

a. Commission Delegation of Limited Authority to the Executive Director
b. Authorization to Issue Request for Responses: Social Equity Program Vendors

10) New Business the Chair Did Not Anticipate at the Time of Posting
11) Next Meeting Date
12) Adjournment

*Closed captions available

Notice of Executive Session

Under the Open Meeting Law, G.L. c. 30A, § 21(a)(3) and (7) and the Public Records Law, G.L. c. 66, specifically the exemptions set forth in G.L. c. 4, § 7(26)(a), (d), (f), (g), and (n) the Commission may enter into executive session to discuss the following items if the relevant topic arises during the course of deliberations:

1) Applicants’ or licensees’ plans or other application information if, in the opinion of the Chair, discussion of such information in an open meeting may pose a risk to the public health, safety, welfare or security.
2) Records if in the opinion of the Chair, discussion of such records in an open meeting may disclose confidential information under G. L. c. 94I, §§ 2 (e) and 3 and the regulations, 935 CMR 500.002, 500.820, 501.002 and 501.820.


Apr 16 2021


10:00 am - 4:30 pm


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